Here are some thoughts on curation for Day 3 of #BYOD4L

I think I do two different sorts of curation. Curation for myself and curation for others. My curation for myself is actually often curation for others, but done in such a messy way I’m often the one who searches my collections to share specific things with the community. My curation for others takes the form of sharing things I find out to specific groups of interest who then may or may not do something with my shares.

Here are some of my more haphazard (more for personal use) ‘curations’:
Delicious (As you can see I haven’t used this since 2015 while it changed hands a few times).
Youtube playlists
(While trying to figure out how to share my collection* I came across this useful guide for academic sharing )

*It looks like sharing in Mendeley is more about ‘following’ and I might have to create a group for people to join (something to investigate).

There’s another sort of curation that I didn’t hear talked about during #BOYD4L and that’s OER publications. One particular example comes to mind and that is the Noba Psychology textbook ( A project I’ve been follow for a while (from when the book itself didn’t exist and there were only about three chapters). This is an open-access university textbook where you get to choose which chapters to include and the chapters are sourced from academics who contribute them for the benefit of the project.
Is it stretching it too far to describe this as a form of curation?

Speaking of which … isn’t a form of curating too?


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