Since 2012 I’ve been an Education Development Adviser in Higher Education – which loosely means I try to facilitate academics being able to provide the best educational experience they can.

Brief background
I’m an unashamed lover of tech. who, with eight years experience in Outdoor Ed., a Degree in Philosophy, a year and half running a Community ICT Charity, a Masters in Intelligent Systems, a decade as a Learning Technologist in HE and a dalliance with a PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning, looking at the neuroscience of play and storytelling (inspired by learning with computer games).

Since I wired myself to the mains as a child, electricity has coursed through my veins. I’ve played with electronics and computers since at least the release of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and feel a deep connection and understanding to how tech works.

Luckily for me I might be a geek if it wasn’t for the fact that I have an equally deep love of the natural world and the philosophical world, which help to keep me grounded. I believe it is these two aspects of my character that give me an understanding of when technology can help, when it can hinder, when it is needed and when it just gets in the way of learning. I love my job, I love helping bridge the gaps in understanding people come to me with, and I look forward to shining more light on how technology can enhance learning.